A phone dialer written in wxPython
Frequently asked questions

Q: What is wxDialer?
A: wxDialer is a program that lets you make phone calls from your standard modem. It has a quick-dial capability that can store up to 7 of your most common phone numbers.

Q: How does it work?
A: wxDialer works by sending standard 'Hayes compatible' commands directly to the modem, also know as the 'AT command set' - very similar to the way a dialup modem connects to the internet, but a little less complicated. You can find more information about the AT command set by going to http://www.modem.com/general/extendat.html

Q: Do I need an internet connection to make phone calls using my modem?
A: No. The modem can make a phone call exactly the same way you normal phone can, its just controlled by your computer instead of a built-in keypad.

Q: Can I use this program to make phone calls over the internet (VoIP) to anywhere in the world?
A: No. That is a completly different method using TCP/IP - and is totally beyond the scope of this program. You make phone calls like you normally would. You can call anywhere around the world if you want, but standard phone charges apply

Q: So, what do I need to use this program?
A: First you need a modem. Any modem will do, it can be an old 14.4k modem if you want, speed doesnt matter when it comes to transmitting voice. You need a computer with an available serial port (one that works and is enabled in the BIOS). Parallel port modems *might* work but is as yet untested. You also need to have Python and wxPython installed. After that, you just need someone to call.

Q: I have an internal modem, and the device isnt located in the settings tab, what do I do?
A: You can make a symlink called '/dev/modem' that points to your device, and edit your settings to point to '/dev/modem' - to do this, you need to be logged in as root, and type 'ln -s /dev/[device] /dev/modem' where [device] is the port the modem is connected to (ie: ttyS5). If '/dev/modem' already exists you will need to remove it first by typing 'unlink /dev/modem' as root.

Q: When I go to dial a number, the modem lights flicker for a bit, but then nothing happens. What gives?
A: It could be several things. The serial port may be misconfigured (see 'man setserial' for more information) or faulty, the modem could be faulty, I'm a bad programmer, or your modem uses a non-standard command set. If your modem uses a non-standard command set, refer to your modem's manual for the correct command set and fill in the boxes in 'Modem settings' - if that fails, or it your modem uses the standard commands, then please email me with your computer/modem details... I'll look into it.

Q: [Insert name here] doesnt work or I dont like how [Insert name here] looks/works...
A: Feel free to email me with any bugs/comments you may have.

Q: This program doesnt quite suit my needs, can I modify it to better suit me?
Q: Sure. Go ahead. Although it would be nice if you could keep my name in there somewhere as the original author. Better yet, how about you email me about it and I can include it in the next release so everybody can enjoy your idea.

Q: I've been looking for a program like this forever, and I want to show my appreciation. Can I make a donation?
A: Although I wrote this program and distributed it under the GPL, I wont knock back any donations you may have. I dont have anything setup right now for you to do so, but you can email me and we can arrange something.

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