A phone dialer written in wxPython

wxDialer is a simple and easy to use dialer program, roughly based on the win9x program 'dialer.exe' - all it does is allow you to make and recieve calls on your modem. A microphone is required, and it is suggested that you also have headphones instead of using your speakers to prevent any nasty feedback. A telephone headset, naturally, is best for this.

This program is not designed for Voice-over-IP (VoIP) or to dial to ISDN modems. It dials out using your every day dialup modem, and makes your computer one big handset.

Newest version available: 0.2.1 - Download - FAQ

Firstly, a big apology for the lack of work done in the past few months. Spare time had become a bit of a rare thing. But now my spare time is coming back to me, and I am taking up the projects that I started but never finished. And I will get this program to a working state very soon.

[The main screen]   [It dials!]

Of course, I'm open to suggestions. If you want to make a suggestion (or any feedback for that matter) then please email me at redzik@notsohotmail.com - alternativly you can test your luck and find me on IRC: #grasshoppers/irc.oftc.net but I cant guarantee that I'll be there when you are.

[Images made with The GIMP]   [Written in Python]   [Written using the wxPython toolkit]